8 UK-Based Environmental Activists Keeping Us Informed About Climate Change

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We all need a little help navigating the climate conversation. While the solutions seem crystal clear – embracing a sustainable lifestyle, trying to make or mend our belongings instead of buying something new – becoming an ally for the environment is not just about where we put our money, it’s about a change in mindset. Intersectionality is a defining feature of environmentalism, and it means that climate justice can be synonymous with justice for all marginalised peoples. To simplify the climate conversation, we recommend following the work of a few inspiring organisations and activists in the UK that will keep you up to date with environmentalism.

When we’re talking about climate awareness, it’s crucial that we invite as many different people from diverse backgrounds as possible, so that conversations about the environment are considerate of those who are most greatly affected. Countries like the UK, the US, and China are the biggest perpetrators of climate injustice, whether by mass manufacturing, outsourcing, shipping large mounds of trash elsewhere, or normalising systems of exploitation for profit. To get started on your climate awareness journey, UK-based organisations like Fashion Revolution, Re-education, Pass the Mic, Climate in Colour, Climate Census UK, and Slow Factory (US-based) are great resources to add to your social media timelines. These accounts will give you the necessary information to understand what is happening outside of your social bubble and how to engage with affected people of the global south for climate justice. And if you’re looking for relatable women who can break down the jargon even further, then we advise reading ahead, and following eight of our favourite environmentalists and fair-fashion campaigners who are doing incredible work from the UK.


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