Need a Summer Holiday Idea? These Are the Fastest Growing Travel Locations in the UK

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Despite the recent announcement of “green list” countries in the UK, travelling abroad is still looking uncertain for a second summer running, with many European destinations missed off the list entirely and fear of cancelled flights come July. So, once again, staycations have jumped to the top of everyone’s list – and the search for the best UK escape (before everything gets booked up) is on people’s minds.

So much so that a recent study carried out by Tripadvisor revealed that travellers in the UK searching for British staycations increased by 384 percent in April, compared with the first week of January, with many travellers planning on taking two holidays to make up for the lost time over lockdown in the summer months. It also revealed that more than one in three Brits who plan to travel this summer are choosing a staycation over a holiday abroad and that the most popular travel weeks are set to be weeks commencing 28 June and 26 July.

Not only are they the less stressful and easier option currently, when compared with the possible risk attached to international travel or worry of cancelled flights, but there’s also opportunity to discover some new destinations around the UK: from Brighton’s trendy coast all the way to Yorkshire, and plenty in between. According to Tripadvisor, some of the most-searched, summer-holiday favourites this year include seaside town and hotspot Torquay, Windermere lake, and the lovely medieval town of York. So, if you’re still searching for your next UK spa staycation for some respite away from the city, or you’re planning on heading for a coastal getaway for some sea air, let these trending travel destinations inspire your next UK break.


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