5 Things You Should Not Put in the Recycling Bin, According to North London Waste Authority

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We’ve all made the mistake of popping something in the recycling bin that isn’t meant to be there, especially when there aren’t recycling instructions marked on the packaging. But this year, we’re making a better commitment to the environment and taking a few minutes to check if our next piece of waste should really be going in the bin or the compost instead. To help us be better at recycling, we got in touch with North London Waste Authority (NLWA) to share what its experts wished people would stop putting in the recycling bin.

“When the wrong items are put into the recycling, they can contaminate it, sometimes meaning that whole truckloads have to be sent for disposal,” North London Waste Authority communications officer Paloma Esteve told POPSUGAR. “The direct cost associated with the issue of recycling contamination is approximately £1.2 million of taxpayers’ money. However, the total cost is likely to be even higher, nearing the £2 million, when taking into account extra collection and enforcement costs.”

NLWA created a handy search index to help you quickly find out if a piece of waste is fit for the recycling bin or not. The index, What Can We Recycle? A-Z of Materials, includes everything from home cleaning products to baby items, textiles, and furniture and advises if you should put something in the waste bin, recycling, or food waste or if it requires a specialty recycling centre nearby. Keep reading for the top five things you should never put in the recycling, according to the North London Waste Authority.


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