New Covid-19 restrictions come into effect today

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New Covid-19 restrictions come into effect today

New Covid-19 measures, which were announced last week, come into effect on Monday. Everyone travelling to Albania must either have a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test or a rapid antigen test or should have proof that he or she have recovered from Covid-19 in the past 6 months.

These rules also apply for passengers who use Albania as a transit country. Children up to the age of six are exempt from this rule. Albanian nationals who return to the country and have none of these documents, must go into self-quarantine for a period of ten days and once they end their quarantine, must notify authorities to do a Covid test.

Meanwhile, the rising number of Covid cases has also prompted authorities to introduce a new night curfew. As of today, the new curfew starts at 11 pm and ends at 6 am.


Last week, the committee of experts has recommended that vaccination be made mandatory for high risk groups, such as frontline workers, teachers and professors and students. TemA


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